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    Are you thinking of getting some help for something that is troubling you? At times life can be extremely painful, something can be nagging away at us, we realise that we are repeating patterns but don't seem to be able to stop them, maybe our feeling of anxiety or depression has grown to such an extent that we can't have the life we really want or our relationships are not how we would like them to be.  I believe that our relationships with ourselves and with others are our most important priority and we all sometimes need to take time and space to tend to them, with some help.  If we don't there can be nagging unease, pain etc which makes our lives difficult.  Often the symptoms are things we don't understand like anxiety, depression, stress, sadness, withdrawal and anger.
    From experience, I know that taking the first steps to counselling can be quite difficult but worth it because it can bring about important changes. At low times we believe that change is not possible but I know that with the right counselling support, change does happen.  

    People come to counselling bringing a wide variety of issues, some wishing to concentrate on one area, some with very complex needs. It has been really heartening for me to see clients make changes enabling them to have a much more positive view of themselves and their lives, feeling happier and more in control.

    Clients usually find that they feel much more at ease after a first meeting. It is very important that you are comfortable with counselling so it is fine to have a single initial appointment so you can explore if counselling is for you.


    Do read on and see if I can help you.


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