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Autism, Aspergers, Adhd, neurodiversity

Associate of the aspire yorkshire region autism consultancy network

Neurodiversity specialism:
autism, ADHD and co-associated conditions

Over the last few years I have successfully supported many clients, diagnosed or self-identifying with autism and/or ADHD with a range of issues. I feel passionate about this work professionally and I can relate to this via personal experience in my own family.

I can provide the type of safe, non-judgemental, gentle, therapeutic space where we can take time to understand you and how you feel, perhaps about this as a newly discovered part of yourself or something you have been aware of for a long time but you have not yet fully explored. Some of the benefits of private therapy are being able to have as many appointments as you need and being able to choose a therapist who is qualified in therapeutic approaches that suit you and the neurodivergent perspective needed to consider things in the ways most likely to bring about changes, if desired.

I offer face to face appointments and also Zoom appointments; some clients like being in their own homes/places of work where they can choose how they sit, choose light and sound levels, maybe move around, use something to fidget with to aid concentration etc. Others appreciate the walk and talk therapy that can I offer locally for some of their sessions. This type of therapy is known to decrease anxiety for many, being in a green, relaxing space and with the reduced level of eye contact which can enable the ability to focus better on what is being discussed.

I can support you in considering diagnosis, while waiting for diagnosis or maybe you just do not feel like you need a diagnosis but would like to explore further in therapy, to maybe reflect back on life and understand what was going on then or to work out a better way forwards for yourself. We will be valuing your experiences and building upon them. We can talk about how life impacts you day to day at home, work or study and see how we might improve your executive functioning, your social life, your relationships and work out how you, individually, may wish to put in changes to improve your life. Change can be difficult but I can support you in working out how to put in place what you need and might have been putting off or maybe work out what you might wish to say no to.

I work with a very broad variety of adult clients of all ages where an awareness of equality, diversity and inclusion will be apparent during therapy. I have previously worked with more clients identifying as men but have noticed in the last two or three years that the number of my neurodiverse women clients is growing. For many people, blending in with others by masking can sometimes be a positive choice but often this can create anxiety, be exhausting and overwhelming and lead to burn out at some point.  I offer this therapeutic time where you can safely explore what has been happening for you.

I also see clients wishing to understand and support their neurodiverse family, friends and colleagues.


Neurodiversity and Couples Therapy

I have neurodiverse members in my own family and understand the frustrations of trying to understand one another that can arise. I work with both neurotypical and neurodiverse clients, strongly believing that I learn something from every client. This experience and knowledge can enable me to understand different people’s perspectives. For instance, high anxiety could have arisen from childhood experiences, trauma, social unease from an autistic perspective etc.  I can help you acknowledge the experiences of each of you so you can put in place what you need to build bridges in your relationship so that things can improve.

Sometimes couples arrive feeling that they might just have to put up with things the way they are if they are to remain together but may feel like they are not understood individually, feel abandoned, feel exhausted from trying to get through, unsuccessfully, to the other. This can result in shut down, feeling stuck.  We can work together on better ways to communicate, more understanding of each other and seeing differences as a potentially good thing.



The types of issues I support neurodiverse clients with

Understanding self and other people


Identity and gender

Forming relationships

Separation, loss of relationship, divorce

Trauma – specific events and day to day trauma building over time

Anxiety, stress, depression

Masking, overwhelm and burnout

Decision making and inertia


Disordered eating




My Training Specific to Neurodiversity

Attended Aspire Consultancy’s Monthly CPD Group focusing on Neurodiversity and now take part in monthly supervision discussion with Ruth Williams, Aspire Autism Consultancy

Best Practice when Supporting Autistic Clients Course – Aspire Autism Consultancy

ADHD in The Therapy Room – Aspire Autism Consultancy

Neurodiverse Couples Counselling Course – Aspire Autism Consultancy

Understanding ADHD - Futurelearn                                               

Different together : Autism Spectrum and Neurotypical Partnerships conference – Tony Attwood delivering

Autism and Eating Disorders Training Conference (National Autistic Society)

Successful Practice when Counselling Clients on the Autistic Spectrum (Aspire)

Counselling Clients with ADHD Certificate

Understanding Autism, Futurelearn Course, University of Kent

Aspergers and High Functioning Autism (Aspire)

Certificate in Autism Masking

Working with Autism Certificate

Reading includes – Women and Girls with ASD by Sarah Hendrickx, Aspergirls  by Rudy Simone, Odd Girl Out by Laura James, ADHD and Addiction Articles                        

Listening included Different Together podcasts on many aspects of the personal experiences of neurodiverse people

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