Autism, Aspergers, neurodiversity

Member of the aspire yorkshire region autism consultancy network

Neurodiversity is a special interest for me


Finally realising after many years, that members of my own family had asperger's syndrome, enabled us to look at past and present experiences in new ways. I had tried counselling but it had not been as helpful, in regards to relationships, as I might have hoped.  I can now see that the counsellors that I saw, while well meaning, had no real understanding of the frustrations for all concerned of the misunderstandings posed by neurodiverse and neurotypical views of the world. I have therefore developed a strong interest in supporting anyone for whom neurodiversity in the form of Autism, Asperger's, ADHD etc might be proving challenging, either for individuals who may find that neurodiversity can increase their anxiety in certain situations, for those who find the neurodiversity  of others confusing and for couples for whom neurotypical/neurodiverse approaches to the world may prove challenging within the relationship.

I am a member of the specialist Aspire group which meets regularly for training and supervision on autism, Aspergers's, ADHD and other neurodiverse areas which may or may not be associated in conjunction with autism. We take part in training, update skills and share ideas and experience in order to offer the best support we can to our clients. Difference not deficit is a focus.

The kind of areas I might be working on with clients


Do I recognise my own emotions - do I recognise the emotions of others?

Communication - others don't understand me - I don't understand them?

Feeling overwhelmed, high anxiety and stress

Depression, low mood

Relationships - would like to have more - would like to improve the ones I have - would like less

ADHD together with autism

Executive function challenges

Managing social situations, wanting to do more or less

Managing study or work

Plus, of course, any other concerns that anyone might bring to counselling

My relevant Training, courses and Reading

Odd Girl Out, Laura James

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Aspergirls, Simone

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